My parents and care-givers have the following responsibilities towards me and

the other children in their care.



1. My best interests must always be held above everything else nothing is more important than the

interest of the children in the family.


2. I must always be kept safe, secure and protected from any harm at all times.


3. I must be given shelter to live in.


4. I must be given proper nutrition.


5. My emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual needs must be met in order for me to grow up to be a balanced human being.


6. I must be given an education.

7. I must be given the opportunity to develop my full potential as a human being.


8. I must be given proper health care and social services when I need it.

9. I must not be abused, neglected or mistreated in any way.



What do you think are the other responsibilities that your parents have towards you?





Parental responsibilities.