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Information Empowers! started in 2001 as a research project.


  This project was focussed on child safety and the prevention of child sexual abuse; and to gain knowledge and to teach children about the dangers involved.


  A Group of passionate and dedicated professionals, some of whom are parents, have volunteered their time to assist with Information Empowers! and the fight against child sexual abuse.


   Some of the conclusions found follows:


· Not enough information is available to people and their children to confidently educate themselves about child sexual abuse and basic safety.


· The information available is written mostly in academic terms.


· People at grassroots level have indicated that information such as we have developed, is of extreme value to them as sexual abuse happens daily.


· Professionals who assist children and their families in communities where child sexual abuse is rife, have indicated that more information is needed in communities.


· Counselors and members of Victim Empowerment Groups have little access to information written specifically for children. The need to educate children from a young age is recognised.


   We would appreciate your input and feedback and would like you to email us with questions,  comments or suggestions.